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Story-In-A-Jar Closed Terrarium Workshop by Mojo Atelier

Story-In-A-Jar Closed Terrarium Workshop by Mojo Atelier

53 SGD

When & where
Date: 21 Jan, 18 Feb 2017 (Sat) (min. 2 pax to start a workshop)
Time: 1pm to 3pm 
Venue: Centropod @ Changi, 80 Changi Rd, #05-25, S419715

What I'll be crafting

·         Introduction to terrariums and their origins

·         The science behind the terrarium and how to work with it

·         Simple principles of design that can be applied to the terrarium

·         How to select and treat the soil

·         Important pitfalls to avoid

·         How to use non-conventional material to create your story!

·         Each terrarium gives you the option of 1 main character, and 1 background accessory. Participants can always add on more characters and accessories as needed at a low cost.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is 12 years old and above.

About the instructor
Wen Yang is an ex-poly lecturer who founded Mojo Atelier. He used to teach digital media design. Moving design from the screen to physical crafts had always been an unfulfilled dream of his.

Being a little unorthodox, he likes to give a twist to tried-and-tested methods of crafting; to innovate new designs and products.

It's hard to break away from old habits, hence every new craft that has been learnt and mastered, is now transformed into a workshop to hand over this knowledge to the next passionate crafter.

Things to note
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