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DIY Organic Skin Care Workshop by Mojo Atelier

DIY Organic Skin Care Workshop by Mojo Atelier

78 SGD

When & where
Date: 14 Jan, 11 Feb 2017 (Sat) (min. 2 pax to start a workshop)
Time: 4pm to 6pm 
Venue: Centropod @ Changi, 80 Changi Rd, #05-25, S419715

What I'll be crafting

Commercial skin care products enlist many different chemicals to achieve fast visible effects, but often leave undesirable side effects too. Even though most countries require all ingredients in the product to be listed, but we still have cases where some companies are dishonest or withhold information. How can we be certain of what is exactly inside our skincare products?

Simple. We make them ourselves. For centuries, herbal women, shamans etc use natural ingredients to create all sort of remedies. We can emulate that to a degree, by using easy-to-obtain ingredients from supermarkets, art stores etc and mixing them up to suit various purposes.

We will teach you:

  • the benefits of each ingredient
  • how to substitute ingredients in recipes you find elsewhere
  • how to tweak the recipes to suit your preferences
  • how to create a plethora of remedies with the same ingredients by varying proportions, mixing methods etc

You will make 3 items to bring home:

  1.  hair wax for the guys
  2.  body moisturising cream for the ladies
  3. healing balm/salve for the kids

DIY organic skin care made with love, for everyone in the family!

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is 12 years old and above.

About the instructor
Wen Yang is an ex-poly lecturer who founded Mojo Atelier. He used to teach digital media design. Moving design from the screen to physical crafts had always been an unfulfilled dream of his.

Being a little unorthodox, he likes to give a twist to tried-and-tested methods of crafting; to innovate new designs and products.

It's hard to break away from old habits, hence every new craft that has been learnt and mastered, is now transformed into a workshop to hand over this knowledge to the next passionate crafter.

Things to note
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