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Polymer Clay Roses Workshop by Aarvi Motifs

Polymer Clay Roses Workshop by Aarvi Motifs

60 SGD

When & where
Date: 25 Feb 2017 (Sat) (min. 2 pax to start a workshop)
Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm 
Venue:  The Royals Bistro Cafe, 1 Create way Create Tower University Town @NUS, #01-03 CREATE Tower University @NUS, 138602. 

Refreshments are provided. This is a halal cafe.

Registration for this workshop will close on 19 Feb 2017 (Sun). 

What I'll be crafting

Polymer clay  is an art medium used for modeling. It is very malleable ,can be shaped and reshaped many times without deterioration .Unlike earthen clay, it doesn't have to be fired in a kiln, nor will it dry out at room temperature. Once baked, polymer clay becomes hard, water-resistant and durable. It comes in many different colors and you can make even more colors by blending two or more together. For this workshop I am using Premo! Sculpey® Clay. It is soft and easy to condition product that is perfect for kids.

The workshop includes conditioning of clay, blending techniques and modeling skills. Once baked learn to assemble the roses to form ear studs , finger rings, brooch or even as a  hair clip as per your choice. Each person will be making 2 roses. Materials that are necessary for the projects will be provided when you sign up for this workshop. Participants get to bring home the accessory done during the workshop.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is 18 years old and above.

About the instructor

A  Chemical engineer by profession and a crafter at heart. Self taught, loves almost every craft imaginable, but they often ended up as a piece of wearable jewelry. After a juggle between work and family I decided to follow my heart and chose to stay at home with my son, which also gave me time to pursue my passion. Aarvi motifs specializes in handcrafted terracotta clay jewelry to suit individual requirements. We take part in local exhibitions and share knowledge through workshop designed for various interest groups.

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